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Our Journey... : How We Beat Childhood Obesity dow

Mrs Rachel E Fielding,: Our Journey... : How We Beat Childhood Obesity

Our Journey... : How We Beat Childhood Obesity


I need not look any further than the world around me to understand the importance of this book. Childhood obesity is a disease that affects millions of families around the world. I know because my daughter and I fought it for 9 long years. We now know that we hold certain truths, which while are not always easy, are the cure (the only cure) to this heinous disease. Imagine watching your child come home from school day after day with a tear stained face after enduring relentless teasing. Imagine watching your child struggle to keep up with children their own age doing things as simple as jumping rope or playing hop scotch. Lay in bed at night wondering what you've done, and wake up feeling just as helpless as when you went to bed. Millions of families are searching desperately for answers. Answers that can not come from people who haven't climbed this very mountain themselves. Our society has been stricken with countless fad diets and absurd exercise regiments that guarantee weight loss, none of which ever work. We are a family, just like your own, who have struggled with the very same issues you are struggling with! We beat the odds and devised a program that takes away the ability to make excuses, makes you look this disease head on and gives you the straight forward uncomplicated truths regarding how you and your family can not only confront this disease, but cure your children of it. We've done the fad diets and my daughter was even placed on diet pills from a pediatrician at one time. We've experienced all of the emotional and physical aspects of this journey and we have come out on top! My daughter is healthy and happy and it's because my husband and I abandoned everything we thought we knew and devised a program that worked! I have complete faith that once we set out to help other families, the sky is the limit! We will stop at nothing to rid our nation's children of this epidemic disease and all that comes with it.

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Author: Mrs Rachel E Fielding,
Number of Pages: 86 pages
Published Date: 13 Apr 2010
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: North Charleston SC, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781450555487
Download Link: Click Here

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